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First time ordering from here and I was so happy to have finally found a chinese/thai food place that I love! The food was delicious, their service was great, and this is my first review of any restaurant because of how much I like this place. They did forget one part of my order, but when I called back they sent over the food immediately after. It is raining like crazy here so I understood the havoc that must be happening at the restaurant, especially with the Cowboys game that was on. 10/10 will order again.


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This was my first time ordering from Grub Hub / Chef House and what a positive experience. Food was delivered on time and was hot and spicy just like it should be. The delivery guy was very nice. I wasn't very impressed with the cheesecake but in retrospect I probably shouldn't have gotten cheesecake from a Chinese restaurant. Overall and excellent experience.


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I wish I had got the drivers name tonight .. so very nice and helpful . I wrongfully put the wrong number on my account when I signed up. Instead of driving off my driver waited 15 mins !! After I called the restaurant we got it all figure out .. the guy who answered the phone was quick and helpful ..


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I had a theory about this restaurant that was just proven. Their specials, the ones with broccoli especially, are their best offerings. The ones they make the most, and the freshest. It's obviously not gourmet food, but it's probably the best delivery you can get at 1 AM.


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Love this place! The delivery was earlier than I expected, the portions are larger than average, and the food was still hot! Plus, the drivers are always super nice. Definitely one of my favorites!

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I ordered a grilled cheese,


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Great peanut sauce

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No surprises at this Chinese-Thai restaurant. Chef House doles out dumplings, orange chicken and Thai coconut soup, along with tofu and egg rolls in a stripped-down environment of wood paneling. Don? T Forget the Happy Family and General Tso? S, One of the house specialties, in portions that match the dishes' bombastic names. Nevertheless, the food makes it easy to ignore the fact that the restaurant is adjacent to an "adult-entertainment" shop.